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Removing the steel part from the Roni G2

Open the two screws on the right side in the front of the system, which are holding the rail. After removing the rail, you should be able to remove the whole front pat of the system.
The front part has one screw on the bottom, whic is also use for the G17/G19 setting. Remove this screw and then you are able to remove the steel part.
If you want to operate an IGB shroud in it, please also remove the polymer part which holds the steel part in place.
When those parts are removed, reassemble the stock system without them.
Removing the steel part from the FAB - KPOS

Simply open the screw on top to remove the front tube. Might be hidden under the emergency sights!
How to put the 16" IGB-Barrel into the FAB - Scout:
Removing the alloy part from the Kidon

Remove the two screws in the front on the bottom of the system. Remove the alloy tube and also the clamps totally.
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