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Can I order as private person?

Yes, you can. If an alternative barrel to your gun is allowed in your country and the caliber and the length is allowed in your country, you can make an order.
From the side of authority (police) you have to get a socalled „EU-Prior Consent“. Here are samples listed by country (Link). This document is then attached to the package and permits the shipping from Austria to your home.
Advise: Most countries ask a fee for the permit, therefore it might be more efficient to order through a dealer in your country. We are providing a list of dealers here (link), which are working with IGB Austria for years. You may also choose a different dealer and then pick up your barrel at your dealers shop.

What do I need for the order as private person?

To place an order, you only need to know which barrel you want and you need to provide us with your data ( Name, Adress, Phone, Email). IGB Austria will attach to the order confirmation a document – where datas are already set in – to present to your local authority. Once you got the stamp on the document, you are entitled to receive the barrel.

What do I need if I order through a dealer?

If you use a dealer from our listed dealers, then we set everything up for you. You will be informed by dealer when product is ready for pick up. You place the order or discuss your needs with us. The product is then send to  the dealer shop.
If the dealer is „new“ to our list, then we will exchange the paperwork with him. Then you pick up the product at your dealers shop.

What if product does not fit, or if I or the dealer made an error in the order?

In such cases, we put customer satisfaction on first place. The order will be reversed. The product is sent back or brought back to dealer place and the money payed is refunded.



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